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Crown Membership Card

crown membership card

Crown Membership Card

Crown Membership Card for Business Loan Applicant

You must sign up as a Crown member at RBS Loan before applying for a Business loan. Through our platform, users with Crown membership cards may apply for business loans at many NBFC banks. We process your documentation via the banks and provide you fast proposals within two days with great Interest rates on minimal paperwork.

Price: ₹5999.00 ₹2999.00 only

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Card Benefits

  • Prime Membership is valid for five years and entitles you to a pre-approved business loan offer.
  • Your loan-related paperwork will be requested by RBS Loan.
  • We will send a folder containing all of your documents to the various NBFC banks that we are collaborating with.
  • Your profile is reviewed by NBFC banks, which compare it to their own requirements before approving the loan.
  • If more than one NBFC Bank matches your profile, RBS Loan will provide you a list of the NBFC Banks that are willing to approve your loan, saving you the time of having to visit various banks.
  • This is one of the primary advantages of our membership card because applying for a loan is a drawn-out process. Because visiting several banks to submit loan applications takes time away from other tasks, this business only provides this service at one location.
  • Also, your CIBIL score is decreased each time you apply for a loan at a bank. Even if you do not apply for loans, the RBS Loan will help you raise your CIBIL score by giving you small loans.

How it works?

1. Download Our App

2. Quick Registration

  • Finishing the registration process by providing your phone number and a few personal details.
  • If you have already registered, you can skip this step and just input your login details.

3. Upload KYC Documents

  • To get a loan approved, you need to provide the requisite KYC documents.
  • The KYC documents that can be provided for identity proof are: Aadhaar card , PAN card, Salary slips, ITR, Bank statements.

4. Check Eligibility

  • We will check your documents within 24 hours after you provide your KYC documents.
  • Our loan team will validate your KYC information, and based on your CIBIL, we will approve your loan request.
  • The consumer must use the offered WhatsApp number or their customer portal to submit their documentation within three days.
  • Document verification is required since without it, our business cannot complete the loan.

5. Purchase Membership Card

  • We offer a membership card that is valid for 5 years, which will allow customers to get pre-approved loan offers from multiple NBFCs.
  • They will send loan offers to our customers if their profiles match their loan eligibility.
  • If someone becomes a member, we will provide a loan to them, or they will get from our NBFC partner.

6. Loan Disbursement

  • We will provide you with the sanction letter once we have completed all of our checks and determined that your profile qualifies you for the loan.
  • You would next sign a contract indicating your agreement with the loan amount being deposited into your bank account.
  • The loan amount will then be transferred to your bank account.

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